August 14, 2021

How to look good at home

By Zhao Song
How to look good at home

When it comes to getting dressed at home, it’s all about maximising your comfort levels. But just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you should be forced to choose between staying cosy or looking acceptable for a snap Zoom call at any moment. As the little girl in the Old El Paso ad (and now meme) puts it, “Why not both?” Read on for our guide on how to style things at home:

Step 1. Pick your level of comfort

As soon as we’re indoors, we know it’s all about embracing the elastic waistbands and oversized sweats. The only question left is: just how cosy can you go? From a t-shirt that’s just a little bit loose to jumpers made for snuggling in, there’s no right or wrong way; the key is to focus on how you want to feel and style it from there. 

Our sweatshirts, for example, feature dropped shoulders and a tailored hem, bringing you the offhand style of the hoodie without being too long. Of course, if you’re a fan of the oversized look then you have the option of sizing up. Same applies for our tees – whether you opt for long or short sleeves, an XL tee is sure to add a proportionate sense of cool and comfiness to your at-home ensemble. 

 Star ferry green hoodie with drop shoulder detailing.

Step 2. Pick your fabric 

Cotton reigns supreme when it comes to loungewear. Like its other siblings in the natural fabric family, it scores high on softness, texture and breathability, which ticks all our boxes for our ideal down-time textile. As an added extra, thanks to the fabric’s A-grade ability to absorb inks and dyes, using cotton also means the custom-designed Paper Angel graphics by Kim Luo and Rogue Creative Studio we screen-printed in Sydney onto our clothes stand out and look their best, whether in the mirror or through the front-facing camera.

When it comes to walks outside in the sunshine, we recommend our Short Sleeve Tee in Off-White. Made from a midweight pre-shrunk cotton, it’s sturdier than your average tee, and you chuck it in the wash with confidence.

Men in off white tee.

For hanging out on the lounge in something with a more lived-in feel, our Garment Dyed Long Sleeve Tee in Bund Blue is the answer. Meanwhile, our Drop Shoulder Hoodies, crafted in textured midweight Terry-esque cotton, were tailor-made to face chilly mornings with a cup of coffee in bed. 

Girl in Brown hoodie in bed. 

Step 3. Pick your pairing

It’s all about playing with proportions when it comes to managing comfort in style: an oversized tee in XL with shorts, or a hoodie with straight leg jeans or tapered trackies will make your outfit look street-smart without sacrificing mobility or the cosiness quotient. But for the ultimate in style versatility, consider layering up. Pair the hoodie and one of the tees together, and let the hem of the tees peek out for instant visual interest.

And there you have it – an easy guide to looking good at home that’ll see you through from now till the next season and beyond. 


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